Bathroom Vent Cover


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I need to replace the bathroom vent cover on my Gulfstream Visa 19ERD. I've checked the local RV dealers and on-line. We can't find one that will fit because the vent fan prevents the cover from closing completely.

I called Gulfstream hoping they could direct me to a source and the woman I spoke with really offended me. Needles to say there will be no more Gulfstreams in my future but the fact remains that I can't use the RV or sell it until I replace the vent cover.

I hope someone can help me find a replacement and no one else gets the rude and poor service I received from Gulfstream.


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Hi Monant- Try getting the measurements with the height/width/depth, and try your local box stores (Home Depot-Lowe's) then try looking on Ebay for price comparison. Hope this works for you...
Good Luck