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I am going to change my battery setup in my 1978 frontier M/Home from,one 27 series trogan 12v to 2 6v trogan golf cart types. What is the best charger to use for these batteries. I was looking towards a VDC electronics Battery Minder 12v 1amp Battery Charger/ Conditioner.Has anyone used one of these types of chargers before, they sound like they would be pretty good, only around $43. I don't want to be paying $200 to $300 for a Charger.Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.Its nearly ready for retirement after working on it since 1995,a real enjoying hobby.Thanks.
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Those are very good chargers. I've sold and used them for years. I suggest you get the larger model instead of the 'wall wart' style (although the smaller one would work in your application.)

I also have a solar version that I use occationally.

Be careful about how another built-in charger might be connected. You don't want both.
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Thanks for answering, I'm not sure what you mean about "another built in charger might be effected''. What I have in the M/H now is the original setup it came out with. The vehicle starting battery on the passenger side and the house battery on the drivers side.I'm presuming it chargers from my motor alternator to my vehicle battery then across to my house battery. My aim is to put in two trogan 6v 105 golf cart batteries inside the M/H under the couch in boxes vented to the outside (there's no room under the hood). Question, (1), would my present alternator still be able to charge these two batteries okay. Question (2),Is the VDC battery minder a built in system or a portable charger.I was presuming it was a portable one. The way I have been useing the batteries
in the past is, when they are low, to charge them from shore power or use the 1000w honda generator with the charger plugged into the 110v plug.At the end of the season I take the batteries to the shed and run a quick charge through them once every 1 to 2 mths. If the VDC charger is no good for my situation what would the best reasonably priced charger be for me.I live in southern Alberta but hope to be able to snowbird down New Mexico way. Thankyou for any help you can give me. Glennis.
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glennis, I answered you via private message, but I'll repeat it here so others can comment! ;)


I'm not aware of the MH that you have, but most MHs have an AC to DC converter to supply the MH with 12VDC as a substitute when you plug into AC at a site. In conjunction with that converter, they usually provide a simple battery charger to charge your batteries up. If you always run on AC, then you wouldn't really even need the batteries. (As a matter of fact, some batteries are charged so much the water is dried out.)

If you have such a converter (not inverter), then there probably is wiring to your battery terminals or some junction for charging purposes.

The vehicle alternator can be wired (through an isolator) to the MH batteries for recharging that way also. My MH does it all of these ways.

Now, where I use the VDC is while my MH is stored between trips. I have a switch that cuts out the other charging systems, then I connect the portable VDC. The advantage here is that it won't dry up the battery during long-term charging, and it has the desulfating effect (which works) on them to make them last longer. It isn't a fast charging system, but I think it is the best.