Battery Drain


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I'm a brand new Rv'er as most of you know, and have had a number of questions. Sorry to bother you, but I simply no longer trust the dealership that sold me my new fifth wheel.

I have had a problem ever since I picked the unit up with battery discharge. I can pull the unit and have a full battery charge or put the unit on 120V. AC with the same result being that the battery drains down in less than a week. I do not have an AC power source where I keep the unit at an RV park.

The last time that I took it into the dealership they said that the TV power booster was left on and it cause the drain, but I pulled the unit for a full charge last week and it is dead again today.

Do you "experienced people" disconnect your batteries when your units are in storage to prevent minute drains from your system, and do you have the same problem. The whole unit is new, and I asked them to check the battery last week when I had it into the dealer. I could use your advice and experience on this one.

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Battery Drain

There are several parasitic draws in the average RV, including keep alive circuits in the TV and radio, O2 and propane sensors. Invertors being turned on draw current wether being used or not as will most fridges which have a 12 volt card. When in storage, it's best to flip the disconnect switch or manually disconnect the "ground" cable from the battery. OR - are you saying you charged the battery and it went dead with not being installed in your RV??? Good luck...