battery fuse

I am trying to find some information about the location of the battery fuse that controls the dc current for the 12 volt systems
on a fleetwood wilderness yukon travel trailer 1988. i have no power to run the 12 volt systems when the ac is off,but all the 12 volt systems work when the ac power is plugged in ok. there is no fuse in the panel for this.i cannot locate the rectifier either.any help would be appreciated.
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battery fuse

Check the positive battery wire as it comes off the battery there should be a circuit breaker that you can reset on that line. It may be attached on the front cross member behind the battery. There will be a cover over it that you will have to remove to gain access to the breaker.
battery fuse

Had the same problem with my Sunline TT. After crawling around underneath I finally found it in a little box inside the front storage compartment. Trace the + wire with a 12v light and you will find it.