Battery Isolator?

I have a 1988 Georgie Boy Cruise Air II and lately I'm getting a repeated clicking from the area where my Battery Isolater and Ignition Accessory Isolater are located when I turn the ignition key. I loose power to my electric step and my furnace. I don't know what else might have lost power. I didn't get any manual or info about the Isolators. Can anyone point me in a direction or web site to get some info or diagram on this?
Battery Isolator?

I have contacted Georgie boy and they sent me some wiring diagrams that are fuzzy and hard to read and don't really tell me anything. I replaced a battery cable that was deteriated and everything seems to be OK now but I still would like to know more about the system.


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Battery Isolator?

In my 98 Cruise Master the isolator is from Intellatec. Why not try contacting the manufacturer of the isolator?