battery leaking acid why?

i have a class a diesel pusher. at first i was parking where i did not have electricity and i had to go run the generator every 2 weeks to try to save my batteries. and the batteries leaked acid. i blamed it on the up and down of charged not charged. i did loss batteries twice. i now have a parking spot that i can leave it pluged in and i just put in new batteries and i am still leaking acid. water levels in the batteries are maintained with distilled water but i don't know what to do. has anyone else had this problem. if so what was wrong or what did you do? karaokegal

DL Rupper

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Re: battery leaking acid why?

Are you sure it's acid? Sounds like the batteries are over charging and boiling out the distilled water. :( Could be a problem with your converter. :(
Re: battery leaking acid why?

I think 'DL Rupper' may have it correct. Sounds like you are 'boiling' out the batt's and the water is coming out the caps. Are you sure your converter is a three-state-charging type and its working correctly. A little more info on type of converter might help.