Battery While "Wintering"


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After traveling constantly for several months in our 37' DP we're spending three months in Arizona. I have shoreline power at our site. Should I "disconnect" the batteries? Is the answer the same for the engine and accessory batteries? If I do,how should I "disconnect" the batteries (I've been told to just disconnect one pole and cover to prevent a inadvertent shorting)?
Battery While "Wintering"

NO.... If the RV's converter is working correctly, the batteries can stay connected and will be "minded" by the converter. They will be kept charged up without over charging.

Also, in some RVs the battery must remain connected so that the furnace and fridge will work. Some RV converters have the ability to provide a separate 12 volt power for their operation and some don't.

RV refrigerators that have two way or three way capability must have a 12 volt power supply to operate, .. yes, even when it's on "gas" mode, it still needs 12 volts..

Leave the batteries connected and check the water level in them every thirty days or so.