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Hi all, I have a 97 Monterey we purchased last summer. It has two separate overhead 12 volt flourescent lights in the overhead in the living area. Until last weekend they worked fine. I turned one on during the evening, it flashed for 1/2 second and shut off. Now neither one works. Does anyone know if there is a switch somewhere on the RV to turn them on and off other than the switches at each light? Fuses (only one marked living room) are fine and all other 12 volt seems fine.
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Never mind!
Dumb@#%& me found the switch. I must have leaned against it as I turned the overhead light on.

C Nash

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cptrob, If that is the worse thing you ever do while rving you are very lucky. Glad you found the switch and thanks for letting us know.
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That reminds me of adding one of those 'Y' adapters with the on/off valves in each leg to the park faucet so I could hook up two hoses. Well, Sallyberetta always wants the water left on until the last minute, so by then I was in a hurry to get on the road. As I turned the right one off I poked the other one on full blast ... right square in the face!

I looked like a whale blowin' on the horizon! :eek:

That's when I noticed the audience ... fallin' down laughin' they were ... :blush:
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This probley not the place but I am looking for a set of manuals for a magnum chassis. Does yours have this chassis. If so would it be possible to get a copy from you.