Bedroom Remodel

I want to make better use of the bedroom in my 28'. My plans are to remove the queen bed and replace it with a sleeper/sofas. This will free up a ton of floor space. Mechanically it is easy to do. My problem is finding sleeper/sofa's to fit. 60" is the maximum length I have to work with, and it needs to be low profile (no legs) becuaue it will sit over a external storage bay. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any manufatures who makes a product like this? Unfortunatly rv dealerships and the main parts stores have not been able to offer me anything other than thier standard aftermarket products.
Bedroom Remodel

You will probably have to go outside the RV market for something that will work.

Try looking at futons and frames, some of them may be either low enough profile or can be altered.