Before signing up for Baja Caravan, read this


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We want to share what happened to us to help prevent others from repeating our experience. We found Cowboy Caravans online and signed up for their Baja tour. We drove thousands of miles to Chula Vista to meet the wagonmaster. We were scheduled to depart February 18th at 8 a.m. When we and other caravan members finally left the camp on February 19th at noon, more than 24 hours after we were supposed to leave, no one from the Caravan had shown or contacted us to alter plans or explain why no one from the company arrived. We were left stranded. Later, we did get an apology and a voucher offer, but the caravan manager refused to refund the pre-paid caravan members. We don't want to travel thousands of miles again to go with a company that, in our opinion, didn't honor its contract with us the first time. We feel we would be remiss if we didn't share our experience. You may choose to go, or not, with this outfit, but reading this might help you make an informed decision. There are good caravans. In my opinion, look elsewhere than the Cowboy Caravans for a trip to the Baja.