Best Cellular service for western USA and Canada

We spend the summers in western USA( Yellowstone, Glacier,Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Colorada etc.) and western Canada(Banff,Jasper, Vancouver etc.)

We have used AT&T one rate very successfully for many years.Coverage was excellent throuhout USA and Canada with no roaming charges. However with the merger , this past year we have found that the coverage is shrinking very fast Even in Texas we find that we are now roaming more and more. In northen New Hampshire this past year,It was all roaming at a high price. We plan to change service after 20 years with AT&T.

For my purposes would the Verizon North American CMD Tri -mode Plan or the Cingular North American GSM Dual Band Plan be best for the western areas that we favor?
The coverage maps look similar and the costs are similar.

Doyle Little
Best Cellular service for western USA and Canada

AT&T service has gone to hell since Cingular took them over. They are trying to move everyone to more expensive programs which is why they are shrinking the One Rate areas. Since you are finding service under Cingular bad, why even consider them if the Verizon plan is similar? :8ball: