Best clamp-on towing mirrors for Chev Pickup

Has anyone found a good clamp-on camper towing mirrors for a 2001 Chev HD2500 pickup. The back side of these mirrors taper to the outside so the strap-on kind I bought at NAPA don't hold very well. The rubber straps want to "slide" off the end. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks.
Best clamp-on towing mirrors for Chev Pickup

Far North,
I bought a pair of PowerVision mirrors for my 02 2500hd. They work awesome. They use the stock mounting area, look good, and I don't have any vibe issues with them. They extend electrically, and you can buy them with man. or elect. adjustment, and heated if your truck is equiped with them. They hook right up to the stock wiring, the only thing you'll have to do is put in a switch to extend and retract them. (it is supplied with the mirrors) I put mine on the side of the door handle just below and aft of the mirror adjustment switches. They cost about $400 for mine, elect/no heat, which is about what the stock mirrors cost from GM. If you have any questions, email me and I can send you some pics. I was going to use the "strap on" style til I saw these, I've loved them ever since! :bleh:
Best clamp-on towing mirrors for Chev Pickup

I would still appreciate to hear what everyone else is using for towing mirrors. I just don't want to spend the money to convert my existing mirrors to power extending ones. Are there any good clamp-on mirrors out there for my 2001 Chev 2500 HD. Thanks.
Best clamp-on towing mirrors for Chev Pickup

far north ,I've used McKesch clamp-on mirrors on my Dodge, for a number of years they work very well ,Camping World has a look alike mirror but they are in my opinion inferior quality to McKesch. :)


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Best clamp-on towing mirrors for Chev Pickup

Spend the money. Clamp ons will cost you more in grief over the life of the truck...
You don't need to go with power extending ones. There are a couple good manual extention mirrors, but they cost about the same as the electrically extending ones mentioned above. Their only advantage would seem to be they use the factory wiring.