Best floorplan for 4 under 26'?


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:laugh: Hi everyone,

Haven't posted in a while. DH and I are considering trading in our 1992 31' Hi-Lo for a shorter & lighter TT.

However, after looking at soooo many TT brochures/looking at models, I just can't get enough enthusiasm worked up to go looking again :bleh:

We would like a TT 26' or under with a Q bed and also bunks for our two boys. We just know we don't want a popup or a hybrid since we camp in bear country quite a bit!

For those of you with this type of setup, how do you like it? What do you wish you had? Any regrets on manufacturer/model?

We will probably buy used, but would love to hear from those of you with 26' or under with the Q bed and bunks for the kids.

:blush: We both know the "perfect" trailer doesn't exist, but we'd like to get close with our next purchase. :bleh:


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Best floorplan for 4 under 26'?
We have a family of 4.1 (2 mo old) and we were considering the KZ's. The make several w/bunks in the Frontier & Sportsman lines. Just make sure and get one with a slide out. My brother-in-law owns one and we liked how the queen slid in for travel (shortening the trailer). The weight would be easily towed by your burb.
We decided to go nutz and have settled on a 32' 5th wheel which also required a new truck :laugh: for ME. Yuk yuk. BIGGER BIGGER.
Compare the track that the KZ's queen bed slides out on versus other manufacturers-KZ is very solid and well thought out. Other manu seem to have designed the bed slide as an afterthought with dinky little wheels and a bar that flips out for the queen to roll out on.

Good luck.


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Best floorplan for 4 under 26'?

Hi we just purchased a 27 foot travel trailer bunk house. We were originally looking into the 24 foot but the 24 foot bunk houses do not include a sofa. We wanted both so we opted for the 27 foot. We have never owned a travel trailer and are new to this. We also thought getting the 27 foot would eliminate the "move up" that everyone seems to think we would evidentually do. We also have to get a new vehicle - probably a Suburban. Happy hunting! :cool:


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Best floorplan for 4 under 26'?

I have a Frontier FT225FLDB by peak manufacturing. The trailer is 24 ft long, has a jack and jill bed set-up in the back, a soft that turns into a double bed, and a dining table in the front (which is really big) that turns into a queen size bed. The layout is really spacious, but you have to go through the nightly ritual of converting the dining table into a bed. I have two young sons (5 and 8) that help out (sort of). We actually have fun going through the set up each night.



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Best floorplan for 4 under 26'?

Take a look at the new Antigua series from Starcraft. We just put down money on the 215 SB model. Great floor plan (3 fold down bunks) lite weight and has a great interior.



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Best floorplan for 4 under 26'?

We just bought our first TT. It is 25' with Qbed and bunks. We have pups that travel with us instead of kids (they are all grown). We bought a 2004 Prowler. It is okay. Workmanship inside the trailer is a little shabby or maybe that is how ALL TT's are. Don't have any basis for comparison. We bought a Sequoia to pull it and that works well. However, we want more room and are looking at the 30-31 5th Wheel which will necessitate a new truck. We love the floor plan with the 2 easy chairs in front of lots of windows in the back, sofa-sleeper, dinette table, etc.
We won't buy Fleetwood again.
Anyone got suggestions for a better made RV than the Fleetwood???