Best Gas truck to pull up to a 30ft 5th wheel


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I would like advice on what is the best truck to pull up to a 30ft 5th wheel. This is our first venture with a 5th wheel and need advice from people who have done it before.

C Nash

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3/4 ton Ford or Chevy with tow pakage and long bed. Pay attention to axle ratio. V8 engine IMO. Are you buying new or used?
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A diesel should give you better fuel economy, more torque and the engine should last longer, if you take care of it. Why do you want a gas engine?
I personally have a dodge 3/4 ton and it's a gas model.. Like all gas model trucks the gas milage will kill you! Can I pull a 30ft 5th wheel? Sure can and then some!

C Nash

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As far as fuel economy it's a wash IMO. Diesel fuel cost more but have seen it cheaper now. Engine Life? A gas burner will last for 300k now with proper care. Service is more expensive on a diesel IMO. I have had both and really makes no difference to me as long as you have the proper package. I do hate the smell of diesel and noise. newer models have really improved on the diesel noise. Just go with what you are ok with.
as for a gasoline a bigger motor is better.
but avoid the V10 very poor milage.
most anything between a 350 ci up to a chevy 454ci.
never try and use a six, straight or V.