Best lock for TT when parked?

I am about to pull home my used, new to me, 25' Nomad TT. What do you folks consider the best lock for the TT while parked? The TT will be parked next to my garage on a gravel pad.

DL Rupper

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Re: Best lock for TT when parked?

Camping World sells a Dead Bolt Lock set that includes one hitch lock and one trailer lock that fits couplers ($29.95). They also sell Hitch only locks ($14.99). I'm sure any RV supply store carries some kind of lock. I've been packing a $60 5th wheel lock around for 13 years and after using it everywhere the first 3 or 4 years, I only use it occasionally now when I'm in a risky looking location. I personally haven't heard of too many trailer thefts. However, better safe than sorry. ;) :eek:


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Re: Best lock for TT when parked?

You can buy hitch locks at Wal-Mart...I use one on my boat trailer...Brinks or Master brand.