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I need to know the best route from Arkansas to Reno Nv. I am pulling a 24 ft. toy hauler with a chevy 1500 pickup. North or South can some one help. Thanka Dick
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Here's one way:

Turn West on I-40 for 329mi
Turn North on I-35 for 113mi
Cont. North on I-35 KS-Tpk$ for 38mi
Cont. North on I-135 for 96mi
Turn West on I-70 for 418mi
Cont. West on I-270 for 6mi
Turn North on I-25 for 91mi
Turn West on I-80 for 946mi
Vicinity of Reno NV 2031 miles 33 hrs

Haven't driven it myself. I believe I started this in Little Rock since you didn't specify.

DL Rupper

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If you like scenic stay on I-70 in Denver and continue West over the Colorado Rocky- Mountains down into Green River, Ut then pick-up State route 6 North about 6-10 miles West of Greenriver. Stay on Route 6 through Price, UT to Springfield, UT. Head North on I-15 at Springfield, UT to Salt Lake City, UT and pick-up I-80 West to Reno, NV. Spectacular scenery. Good luck and have fun. :laugh:


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1. I-30E 0 ft
2. Get on I-30 E and drive northeast 0 ft 0 ft 00:00:00 0° true
3. Take exit 143A to the left onto I-40 W 3.08 mi 3.08 mi 00:03:10 3° true
4. Keep left onto I-40 W ramp 3.35 mi 0.274 mi 00:00:17 3° true
5. Take exit 286 to the right onto Muskogee Tpke W 201 mi 198 mi 03:21:59 268° true
6. Take exit B to the right onto I-244 E 272 mi 71.5 mi 01:14:10 283° true
7. Take exit 5B to the left onto US 64 W 273 mi 0.750 mi 00:00:48 6° true
8. Keep left onto US 412 W 329 mi 55.6 mi 00:57:16 273° true
9. Exit right onto ramp onto I-35 N 356 mi 27.6 mi 00:28:18 298° true
10. Take exit 42 to the right onto I-135 N 440 mi 83.7 mi 01:25:58 359° true
11. Take exit 95B to the right onto I-70 W 537 mi 96.4 mi 01:38:59 0° true
12. Take exit 279 to the right onto I-270 W 958 mi 421 mi 07:10:32 282° true
13. Take exit 0 to the right onto I-25 N 964 mi 5.81 mi 00:05:58 308° true
14. Take exit 8B to the right onto I-80 W 1055 mi 91.0 mi 01:32:56 5° true
15. Keep right onto I-80 W 1487 mi 433 mi 07:22:28 276° true
16. Keep left onto Hwy 201 W ramp 1488 mi 0.588 mi 00:00:35 272° true
17. Keep right onto Hwy 201 W 1488 mi 273 ft 00:00:05 270° true
18. I-80W 2005 mi 517 mi 08:48:43 270° true


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This one was from Gypsy, our Garmin GPS. I have traveled nearly all of this one. I have not traveled between Little Rock and Ft. Smith.

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Mine was off the top of my head traveled many times. The GPS doesn't take into consideration wheather or not you like to see anything but Freeways. :bleh: