Best RV Parks form Maine to Florida?

My gal and I are towing our Jaylight 23' to Florida in late September from Maine and we'd like to plan a direct route, stopping at Amish country in Pa. and also the beaches near Myrtle Beach to fly fish. Those are the 2 stopovers we have in mind before arriving at Naples, Fla.
Can anyone give us advice on where to camp near Amish Country in Pa? and also a good campground near good fly fishing near Myrtle Beach? It's our first time going south so any advice is welcome! Thanks.
Best RV Parks form Maine to Florida?

Hi MarshallD,
I can't help with the campgrounds, but can give you some advice on getting to PA. You can avoid a lot of traffic and see some nice country by getting off I-95 at the Mass. line and taking I-495 to the Mass Pike. Your trip router may tell you to take I 84 into CT. DON'T DO IT! I-84 goes through down town Hartford. The traffic patterns are as bad as Boston. Follow the Mass Pike to the NY Thruway south to pick up I-84 into PA and I-81 down toward Lancaster. Even if you didn't want to stop in Amish counrty, I would strongly suggest avoiding New Jersey. PA may be a few more miles, but you will be moving, not sitting in rush hour traffic.

If you want to make a stop in western MA, I can reccomend a few places to visit or some nice local campgrounds. In any case, I hope you have a great trip.
Best RV Parks form Maine to Florida?

Thnak you Ed. I'll definately take your advice as this will be my first trip through the jungle of the northeast going south! We have made several trips from ME to Montana via Ontario and Sault St. Marie, but this will be our first one to Fla. Thanks for the reply! :)