Best stabilizer operation.


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I have a 29' travel trailer with a large slide. I want to know if there is a special procedure for setting up the 4 crank down BAL stabilizers plus tongue jack that will result in the most stable trailer setup. Does the tongue jack still support weight? Do the axle springs still support weight? Should one side be engaged first? etc.


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Best stabilizer operation.

Hi Kegman,
The stabilizers are just for stabilizing and not for leveling so yes, the axle springs still support almost all the weight as does the tongue jack. I usually get my trailer all leveled and then go around and lower the stabilizers until they are snug but do not try to lift up the trailer with them. You will find that if you crank on them too much, the entry door or other doors will not work as the frame will twist. Just make them snug and make sure you have good chocks on both sides between the tires. This makes the trailer quite steady. You will always have a little "jiggling" going on because it is still on the springs but not enough to bother.
I always put a 2X6X6 board under each one as they do have a tendency to sink into the ground after a while unless you are on a hard surface.
Good luck.