Best time of year to hire an RV


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As per my previous post in the forum (which I appreciate your comments and help) please could you let me know what you think about the following:

Originally we planned to hire an RV for the month of June, travel from Vancouver, down the coast of WA, OR, CA and back up via Navada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and back to Vancouver area.

Because getting a month or more off work is difficult so we decided maybe go for the last 2-3 weeks of December and the first 2-3 weeks of January? (basically getting 2 or 3 weeks eitherside of New Year)

Would this be a good time of the year to travel in an RV on the main routes mentioned above or is it too icy / snowy / cold to do?

Is it too cold to live in an RV this time of year?

Is it more expensive to travel this time of year also because of Xmas / New Year holidays?

I would appricate your responses....




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Re: Best time of year to hire an RV

The northern part of the country will be quite unpleasant that time of year. Very cold, snow and ice likely. Many RV parks in those areas will be closed during that part of the year. It probably is not more expensive, except possibly for the actual holidays themselves. And of course, lots and lots of propane to keep you warm and the RV from freezing.

Some RVs have good insulation and double pane windows, and can be tolerable in the cold. Many do not and are not... Make sure you know what you are getting.


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RE: Best time of year to hire an RV

It is probably not a good idea really to go RV'ing this time of year.. especially as I have no experience and never really experienced the cold - I am from the South coast of England and it rarely snows and only occasionally reaches below zero each year!

I think sticking to to June time would be best!

Thanks for your reply.