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We are from Texas and will be in Santa Fe, NM. My original plan was to go from there to Mesa Verde NP, then through Monument Valley and on to Virgin, Utah on Hwy. 9. I have just been informed that you can't...or shouldn't go in to Zion from the east. We will be towing our large 5th wheels. Have any of you ever done this? How hard of a drive is it, and what about an escort to get you through the tunnel?

I really want to see Monument Valley, but now we are thinking of just heading out west on I 40 to Las Vegas, which we had planned on doing anyway, and then looping back to Virgin, Utah coming in from the west.

Any suggestions from you experienced ones will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Boomer

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Re: best way to Zion

Don't do it. I believe there is a limit on how big and tall you can tow. They require an escort to get through a tunnel in Zion's Nat'l Park if you try to go through park on route 9. If your 5er isn't too big it will cost you $25 for the Ranger escort and will probably cause a delay until they can set up the escort. Your best bet is to take the road around through the Arizona strip. I believe it is Route 389 from Fredonia, Arizona to Route 59 in Utah. It will take you through the Fundamental LDS Polygamy communities of Colorado, AZ and Hildale, UT. You will come out in Hurricane, UT which is about 15 miles to Zion's Nat'l Park. If you need to camp along the way, The RV Corral in Kanab, UT is a good clean Park.

If you have time, a side trip to Bryce Nat'l Park (North on US 89 from Kanab, UT) would be well worth your time. The scenery is better than Zion's. Just my opinion.

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RE: best way to Zion

Don't know if this post is too late but I just made that trip towing my travel trailer.
From Santa Fe I took 40 to Flagstaff then 89 up to 89a through Colorado City. It was a fairly easy pull. We stayed at the Zion River Resort in Virgin which was by far the niceset rv park I've ever seen. Concrete pads, spotless showers, great pool, helpful friendly people.
My wife wants to spend our entire vacation at this park next year!