Beware of this campground....NJ


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Every once in awhile you have a really bad experience with the RV community...this one is worth noting...

My wife and I live in NJ, and have a 38' RV we take locally into PA, Cape May, and the Adirondacks.

In all the years we've been RVing, we've met dozens of wonderful people.

My wife and I, and our 3 year old were exploring a campground located in Budd Lake, NJ, since they had no website and were relatively close to our home.

I saw no gate, no office, no posted signs. There was no sign to guide towards any office that we could see...

After about 4 minutes on the grounds, we were practically run off the road by a psychopathic old woman who was screaming at us that we didn't have a 'tag'. I politely informed her that we were simply driving through to look at the site before we drove our RV in...she screamed that we never stopped at the office...I told her we passed no office, and that with this kind of customer service I didn't think I was going to pay her to stay at her facility...I was then told that 'WE DON'T WANT YOUR KIND HERE!!". I said fine, we're leaving, and pulled ahead to turn around and leave, at which point she accelerated and almost collided with us. We pulled away to this woman shouting obscenities at myself, my wife, and 3 year old daughter in her car seat.

Now I'm not sure what 'YOUR KIND' meant, but both my wife and are professionals in our mid 30s, and I must admit this type of abusive treatment isn't necessary, especially in front of little children.

Since this is the only campsite in Budd Lake, located on the access road to the new mall, I think local RVers can figure out who it is. As for my family, and my parents who also RV, I will never recommend this facility to anyone.




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Beware of this campground....NJ

Sounds like you just came across a nut!
There are more nuts out there. Don't blame the campground.
Just the nut!