Big truck registration question

I'm a new memeber to the forum but I've been reading for a while. I'm trying to figure out the best way to register my truck (International 4900). It will be used for pulling a 32' horse trailer with full 12' LQ. Right now it's registered as a commercial truck but that costs a bunch every year and it's not going to be making me any money either, just going to be used for farm or recreational use. (I know I'll need a CDL no matter what) Farm tags would be easy but that is only good within 150 miles from home from what I've read. Anybody have suggestions? BTW, I'm in TX.
Big truck registration question

It depends on your state what is required. Here in Washington if you use it only to haul your own trailer and you are not hauling for your own business, you don't have to have a CDL you just put "Private Not for Hire" where you would normally put your DOT numbers. Its still carries commercial plates and taxes though. Even compact pickups carry those here.
Big truck registration question

Texas has some of the best laws for this in the USA. If It is for personal use, not commercial, register as a motorhome. Go over to the Escapees forum (free) for more info. Escapees are based out of Livingston TX. Good luck.