Bike Racks

[Kathy from MI] We have a 30&#039 Coachman TT and love it. But I&#039m tired of hauling the bikes inside. I was wondering if anyone out there had some experience with a 4 place bike rack that they really liked. It makes me kind of nervous that these bikes may be bouncing around on the back of our trailer and we won&#039t be able to see them. I have a bike rack that I hook up to the hitch on my Tahoe, is this a good choice for the trailer too? Thanks for your help...
Bike Racks

[Teresa from WV] Kathy:

We have a bike rack that slides into my hitch on my Tahoe and then accepts the receiver with the ball to tow our boat. Some of the bike racks insert into the receiver & thats it but ours allows you to tow also. I think we paid close to $300 for it - Very very heavy duty.

Too bad you are not closer to WV - we are getting ready to sale our Bike rack and our 2 mountain bikes. We paid for our bikes alone $400.00 not to mention the $300 for the bike rack and the bike have only been ridden twice in the past 2 years (still has the new stuff on the tires). We are selling all for $300.00. We just do not use them and need the room in our garage. We just came back from MI - had Big Foot hydraulic Jacks put on our motorhome at Quadra Manufacturing - we could have shown you how our bike rack works. We used it once on my Tahoe and once on our motorhome.

Good Luck.