Bike Racks

Does anyone know much about attaching bike racks to their RV bumper rather than the hitch? I'm trying to figure out the best options to get the most most bikes. I'm looking at the ladder attachment. But, I also have a spare tire on the bumper and that limits my space.

Also do you have a good brand or type that you love or hate?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Bike Racks

They make a bike rack that fits over the spare tire. Go to click on "exterior" then Racks, then click on Bike Racks. They show 3 on their site.
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Bike Racks

There was a recent thread on another RV forum about the bike racks from Thule and the fact that several have failed. One owner said that there was a recall on them but that most owners never got it. So you may want to shy away from that make.
Bike Racks

get the kind that fastens directly to the bumper! move that spare tire over. do not get the kinds that hook to spare tire i did and the weight of the bike broke the weld hold the tire rack and my spare tire plus bikes fell into the interstate. tore up my bikes plus caused a wreck that my insurance co is still paying for. and the kind for ladder will just bend ladder. done that stupid thing also. finally bought the kind that bolts directly around 4 inch squre bumper and rving has been great since.

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Bike Racks

Blantonfamily is right on. I bought a bike rack that attached to my bumper, after moving the spare tire, and it worked great for as long as I had a bike. The first few years of fulltiming we moved almost every other day and I got tired of loading and unloading the bike, so just walk now.