Bike Trailer Camper?

[MN Mike] Does anyone know if there are any trailer campers for towing behind Bicycles (pedal powered) or perhaps some plans/designs for one?

With bike touring being so popular these days, I am surprised I can&#039t find anything for a simple camper trailer that is easily towed by a bike.

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MN Mike
Bike Trailer Camper?

[Mike Dial] I don&#039t think you could get one light enough to tow. There are two wheeled trailers for towing gear, tents, etc. but I have never seen a camper.
Bike Trailer Camper?

[MN Mike] It&#039s a one person Pop-Up Tent trailer called the Camp-a-saurus.

Here is the URL:

I&#039d like to find a Hardtop model of some sort or at least one that can sleep two and be used for indoor cooking, eating, storage, etc like other RVs.

Well it&#039s a start. I&#039ve tried designing one of my own on paper in the past which resembled a pop-up tent trailer RV with two fold out sleeping areas, but I&#039m not a pro and was hoping someone else had some ideas.

Again, thanks for any help and check out that Camp-a-saurus. It is a great idea.

MN Mike