Binkley 5th wheel

Greetings all, I will be in the market for a fifth wheel in the near future and I was looking around for a fifth wheel hitch that could be mounted into the bed of my 2000 F-250 SD without damage and without drilling holes. I found one at that does just that. :) The hitch just uses the existing bed bolts to mount these two large rails to the bed. The hitch that goes with it is a 32K Binkley 5th wheel hitch. Has anyone here had any experience with Bolthitch or the Binkley? :question: Thanks, Bob from W Sand Lake, NY

Gary B

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Binkley 5th wheel

Hi bobsals, I reseached the Bolthitch system and talked to the folks at the factory, I liked the idea if I had a newer truck and needed a 5th wheel hitch I'd consider it. The Binkley hitch is a commercial hitch for car haulers etc. the hitch they use for the 5th wheel RV's is a Hidden Hitch per my conversation with them. All in all I think it a good hitch system, easy to install and remove, no drilling, when its out no bed rails in the way. :) :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Binkley 5th wheel

Thanks, GB, It seemed good to me too, but I have posted requests for information in these forums and it seems not too may people have seen or heard of them before. I have sent an e-mail to Bolthitch in regards to a slider for the bolt hitch, but no response yet. I have a short bed F-250. Thanks for the reply,, Bob