Black Holding Tank Help

:( While I was running water into the black tank to clean it the tank broke and fell to the ground when I went to open the valve. How hard is this to repair???Or expensive? Is their a way we can run a straight pipe to the sewer we are set up perminent.
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You can run a straight pipe if you have a house style toilet. A RV toilet doesn't use enough water to flush without a tank. It is designed that way to conserve. Did the tank itself break or just the fittings? Fittings can be replaced fairly cheaply. If it was the tank, find a service center that can plastic weld. fixing it is cheaper than replacing it usually.
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The top of the tank is still connected to the trailer. So I guess it just came apart. Can you just replace the fittings to put the tank back together?


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If it 'just came apart' I would imagine it could be reglued back together, except for the valves which can be rebolted. Probably need to clean the joints pretty got to get good adhesion. But you might want to find out why it 'came apart' first, see if you can overcome that in future.


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Is the tank just hanging in the air, supported by the plumbing? If so you need to get some kind of support for it or there will soon be a problem. Or is the tank still where it should be and the dump vale and plumbing came loose? What was it that fell to the ground?

The way that RV systems work is that the tank is normally supported in some way, there is a PVC pipe that connects between the toilet and the tank. The drain system normally connects at some point into the bottom of the tank and there is PVC pipe from that point to where the dump valve is located, then the fitting to connect the sewer hose.
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The tank it self came apart.One part looks like it is supported by the plumbing and the other half came down. The top of the tank is still connected to the trailer. I called Sunline and they said the tank is together with steel brackets or screws. The sewer hose is still conected to the tank. Right now the tank is open since the top of it is still conected to the trailer. Their is water in the tank that I know we need to remove. then we need to support the tank up. Not sure if this tank can be put back together or we need a new holding tank. Any suggestions?????

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cploski, I can't really picture in my mine how this could happen :question: Sounds like the tank is attached to the floor system with screws and the tank has come apart. I woul think you would need a new tank. I would also use some sort of straps to go underneath on the new one to help support the tank. Sure sounds like a poor design to me. A full tank is a pretty good load to be held up with screws and no bands. Some pictures would help.