Black Spots on Rubber Roof


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:approve: My motorhome has a rubber roof. Don't just about all of them...My question is: What causes the little black spots that freckle the roof? I use Murphy's Oil Soap and a soft bristled brush twice a year to clean the roof. The spots turn from a black to a very light grey but don't totally disappear. They don't seem to be hurting anything and the roof doesn't appear brittle or worn anyplace. I have been told that the roofing material is the new "improved" type of roofing. Just wondering. Is there some type of coating that I should be spraying on the rubber to keep it healthy?

DL Rupper

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Black Spots on Rubber Roof

MOLD causes the black spots. Use a good rubber roof cleaning/protective solution or mild detergent to clean it. Avoid using any product that has an oil based or petroleum additive in it.