Black streaks and general cleaning

One of the most interesting things that I have found for cleaning my RV is Dow Scubbing Bubbles. It can be used as a black streak remover, tar and nicotine stain remover, carpet cleaner, well you get the picture. A lady I know uses it to clean the whole outside of her trailer before she has the kids wax it. She sprays it on and only has to use a brush where its real dirty. Then she just hoses it off.
When I quit smoking I took it to the whole inside of my Airstream. You should have seen how well it worked at removing all the stains on the walls and cieling. Had to put paper on the floor to catch any drips but worked great.
Black streaks and general cleaning

Have not heard of that for the RV, but it should work. On Monday I will post a picture of the front of a trailer we cleaned last week. We use Reliable and I cleaned a big circle on the front. You will be amazed at the difference.


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Black streaks and general cleaning


Where do you find the product, Reliable? Do you know if it removes wax, it there is any?
Black streaks and general cleaning

Black streaks and general cleaning

Sorry Kirk, I had to go out of town, just got back. I will post the reliable picture tomorrow. It does not effect the finish, but I would guess wax would be gone. To answer your question, we stock it and could ship you some. Wait and look at the picture. I have tried Orange cleaners and never seen one that will do what this will.
Black streaks and general cleaning

Here is the picture I promised. This trailer had not been washed for over a year. I cleaned the lower left and took the picture for comparison. We were even surprised how good it looked when finished.

Black streaks and general cleaning

hey , grand veiw what does this cleaner cost , what size does it come quart,gallon ? what would it cost shipped to zip code 46304 thanks LEE team3360


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Black streaks and general cleaning

Surely Grandview is not the only dealer that sells this stuff. Being from Indiana, with all the RV plants, etc., I would think it could be bought somewhere in Indiana, since it looks like it works so well. By the Way, Grandview, thanks for the pic and the info. It looks like that stuff is pretty good. I have been using CASTROL DEGREASER/CLEANER for a long time and it works pretty good. Costs about $8.00 a gallon from Wally World. I dilute it depending on job I want to use it for. It takes those small little black spots off the motorhome real good. I even use it to clean my house electronic air cleaner (spray it on them full strength, let it sit for about 30 min and hose it off, looks like new again). Of course, one should read the instructions and use it according to directions. :) :laugh: :cool: ;) and no, I do not own stock in CASTROL....ha ha
Black streaks and general cleaning

Wesley's Bleche White whitewall cleaner is another good one. You should dilute it or it will take the wax off. I use it to remove bugs off the front of vehicles in addition to cleaning the tires. Give the bugs a light spritzing and let it set a minute or two. Then hit it with the pressure washer and they peel right off. ;)
Black streaks and general cleaning

Reliable won't harm decals like Wesleys will. You dont dilute this. It will also clean tires and disolve bugs. After a road trip, I spray it on the windshild of my truck, give it a few minutes and they come right off. You can clean anything with it from your car, trailer, boat, grill, kitchen countertops. You won't believe it till you try it.
Black streaks and general cleaning

Called the Post Office, yes UPS might be a little cheaper, but this should give you an idea. It is all based on weight, but 8-9lb. should cost $6-8.00 depending on the way it is shipped. Priority being the most (and quickest). If you tell me what you like (quarts or gallon) and how much, I will weight it and be able to tell you exactly.
Black streaks and general cleaning

ken, what are the application rates,I read you said you don't dilute it, you just spray it on you use this all the time, how much would it take to do my 34' 5er . thanks LEE
Black streaks and general cleaning

The degreaser product you mentioned is a Butyl. The Westleys contains Sodium Metasilicate. Both chems are excellent at removing black streaks. BUT... Both of these products remove a fine layer of paint each time you use them. Used too strong, it will be a not-so-fine layer that is removed. This is not a problem for fiberglass units, but if you have an aluminum unit you will start to see grey spots after awhile. Later they will become quite shiny. It's the metal under your paint peeking thru.

You get the same electrostatic bonding on your gutters. And based on conversations with a few hundred other PW'ers with a few thousand years combined experience, there is not a product made that will remove black streaks and not eventually cause paint damage.
Black streaks and general cleaning

We spray Reliable on our trailers full strength, with the trailer dry. We spread it around with a brush, let it sit about a 1/2 minute and follow it with soapy water again with our brush, then rinse off. We purchase what we use in a 55 gal barrel and put it in a garden sprayer. It is hard to keep up with what we use on a certain size trailer, but I doubt it would take much more than a gallon to do your 34'. You don't have to soak the trailer, just get it on and brush it around. We can fill our 1 1/2 gallon sprayer and wash several average size trailers. The warmer the better, the one in the picture was washed when it was in the mid 60's.

I have never seen Reliable hurt paint or decals except on ONE older trailer that had obviously been washed with very agressive cleaners. On that one, we did not let it sit very long and it still cleaned up well. As with anything you have to be careful, depending on the situation.
Black streaks and general cleaning

ken , when you get a chance see what 2 gallons would cost shipped to me by UPS to zipcode 46304 2 gallon should give me some extra for future use . I wash the back, the most about 10 times a season because everything runsoff the back . we park in a campsite as a seasonal, all year round unless we are traveling with it and the trees just trash it .might even be interested in buying from you in case lots later once the neibors see how it works theres about 60 seasonals in the park thanks LEE
Black streaks and general cleaning

Another good cleaner is called "Bellywash", available fron several places on the internet. We use it for what it was designed for, to be used to clean the underside of an aircraft fuselage. It does a really nice job of cleaning whatever, including hydrocarbon residue, as well as tar and trash from taxiways and runways without harming painted and alumnum surfaces and decals (if you are careful), so it will also work well on RV's and Motorhomes.

Also, for those of you who may/may not have heard of either Nyalic(.com) or Vivilon(.com). They are 2 very similiar polymer
clearcoat products that do a REALLY nice job or restoring color to an old faded or oxidized painted finish WITHOUT having to repaint (ever again), and are AWESOME as a VERY hard easy to maintain clearcoat over an already nice finish that you should NEVER have to repaint after coating.

There are before/after photos on either website that accurately depict what these coatings will REALLY do.

For those of you who plan to go the the RV Show in Atlanta next week, Feb 17th or so I think, I will be hanging around there, and should have a vehicle that has the clearcoat on it. If you will email me at I will email you with a contact tel # so we can arrange to meet and I will show you an actual surface that was coated with this type product.
Black streaks and general cleaning

HEY,GRANDVIEW , I thought maybe they were holding you and your truck hostage down there in New Orleans, I'll call you monday and give you credit card for the items and shipping , and we are still pondering that sedona 5er, we'll more than likely sell ours and buy outright. Just have to get back to work in april before I take on anything else right now . Construction season starts in April here and continues thru Nov. THANKS LEE