Black streaks,what works?


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I've tried black streak remover,it almost does the job but now I have lots of small streaks everywhere.It might of looked better before.What's the magic stuff?I have a 10 ft slumber queen camper 1999 .
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go to Dollar General and buy cleaner called Awesome. Either scent works. Best stuff I have ever used on black streaks
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We use Reliable on black streaks. It is SAFE for your RV finish. In fact it is designed for RV use. You can also use it to clean just about anything from your grill, boat, bugs off the front of vehicles, etc. Your local RV dealer might handle it or let me know.


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RE: Black streaks,what works?

Awesome...and that is at Dollar Tree, not Dollar Gen... very strong powerful stuff. :bleh:
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I just did our TT, after a month on the road and the AC running most of the time. I used Armor all Multi purpose Cleaner, worked good for me. Jerry
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Believe it or not, try rubber roof cleaner. Worked wonders on black streaks on the sides. Didn't do a thing for the rubber roof. Perhaps they should rename it black streak remover rather than roof cleaner.

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RE: Black streaks,what works?

Hey GTS, I have a couple of questions on the Reliable cleaner: Does it need to be rinsed after application? Will it take the wax off each time it is used? What is the price, including shipping. At the current cost of fuel, it might be less costly to ship, as the local RV dealers/parts are 25 miles away.

In the past I used Fantastic Orange ( $1.97 at Wal-Mart) and it worked great with no need to rinse. However, as always with great products, it is no longer available at any of the stores I have been to lately.

The no need to rinse is the primary driver because most RV Parks won't let you wash a vehicle with soap and rinse with water. I don't mind paying extra at the Parks that allow washing for a added fee, but they are far and few between.
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DL, yes Reliable needs to be rinsed off. The way we use it is to spray on a DRY trailer. Let it sit about 30 sec. and wash with a soapy brush with regular car wash in it. The black streaks will be gone the second you touch them with the brush with no damage to the finish or decals of the trailer. We had a customer come in a couple of months ago complaining he could not get his Cargo trailer clean. I took Reliable, sprayed a spot and wiped it clean with a paper towel. After he spit the gravel off his tounge (that hit the ground), he bought 2 gallons.

I do think it will take wax off. Our new units have no wax, so that is not a problem for us. I do use it on my trucks and personal trailer when I return from a trip. Works wonders on bugs. Again I spray on dry, let sit about a minute and the bugs wash right off. You can see them start to fall apart shortly after they are sprayed.

The only thing I will say about the stuff you buy some places is that it is so harsh that after a while the finish is gone or decals are fading all of a sudden. I have used Reliable for several years and have not had that problem. It is designed for the RV industry even though you can clean just about anything with it.

I am sending you a private message about price.