black streeks

Hi all. Is their a way to get rid of the black streeks from the window rubber etc.? I have bought carnuba wax for the sides (fiberglass textured winnabego) but the sides also are taped with color tape. If I wax it i will have a white haze by the edges. Any sugestions?
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Re: black streeks

An easy way to get rid of black streaks is to use Scubbing bubbles bathoom cleaner. Wash it off using a mild detergent and then apply your wax.
RE: black streeks

Thank you. I did try it waxing seemed to get most of them out but some by the water input remain as shadows. It is a 2002 winnabago. :)


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Re: black streeks

Ok go to wallly world or another store with large pharmacy and get you a bottle of tea tree oil. Than put a little on rag and rub the streak and see if that dont take it out.