black tank question

Can we use anything other then the special rv paper sold at various places. Does anyone use regular tp? I am not being a wise guy. The RV only paper is horrible!
black tank question

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Can we use anything other then the special rv paper sold at various places. Does anyone use regular tp? I am not being a wise guy. The RV only paper is horrible!

LOL, no you're not being a wise guy, it's a ligit question. I don't know what everyone else does, but as far as I'm concerned the RV TP is WAY overpriced! We at first used Charmin but found that was too sturdy for the black tank. We now use Scott, which says "Safe for Septic Tanks" and find that is soft enough for our ahem, sensitive bottoms, yet degradable enough for our black tank.
black tank question

It wouldn't cost you much to perform your own experiment with different brands. All you need is some samples and a few clear glasses of water. We've found that most "single ply" varieties are mostly alike.
black tank question

Looks like Scott is the one I'll stick with, lol.

"The best buy? Scott, which at 53 cents per 1,000-sheet roll, was strong and the softest of the bargain brands."

Dissolvency Time in Seconds
Thick, plush toilet papers make you feel pampered, but if your plumbing is prone to clogging, they can aggravate the problem. The Good Housekeeping Institute tested all the leading brands and found that Charmin, Charmin Ultra, Quilted Northern and Cottonelle were particularly slow to dissolve. So if you have a low-flow toilet, or old, sticky plumbing that often acts up, those toilet papers may not be your best bet.

Brand_____________________Dissolvency Time in Seconds (lowest is best)
Charmin Plus 1-Ply_________________9
MD 2-Ply________________________9
Coronet 2-Ply____________________12
Angel Soft 2-Ply__________________12
Scott 1-Ply______________________17
Soft 'N Gentle 1-Ply________________18
Soft Weve 1-Ply___________________20
Marcal 1-Ply______________________20
Soft 'N Gentle 2-Ply________________21
Seventh Generation 2-Ply____________21
Quilted Northern Super 2-Ply________69
Charmin Ultra 2-Ply_________________77
Cottonelle 1-Ply____________________96
Charmin 1-Ply_______________________180
black tank question

I agree with you RV TP is terrible I only use it when I want to put it into the toilet otherwise with just urine I use the good stuff and place it in a small waste basket that is lined with Wal-mart shopping bags and emptied every morning. My parents alway used this method. I think you would find it not a bad thing.

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black tank question

Hey Plant, we have been using your method in our RV for 11 years. Including the Wal-Mart bags lining the trash basket. Works great. The RV TP sold at Wal-Mart goes a long way using this method and you get a free trash liner to boot. I feel better knowing the RV TP is dissolving as required (hopefully) in the black tank. :bleh:
black tank question

Depending on what type of toilet chemical you use, you can get away with thicker toilet paper. If you use a chemical with an enzyme you can start using thicker toilet paper, however most enzyme chemical only really starts to work after four days of sitting in the tank

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black tank question

We use "The Geo Method". 2 cups water softener (Calgon), 1 cup laundry detergent, and occasionally liquid bleach. Seems to work pretty good. Keeps all tanks clean. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh:
black tank question

We have used Charmin Plus for the past 6 years in two motorhomes without any problems. We use our RV about 3 times a month camping and dump when it's almost full. Again, no problems. the way... IMHO it's the best wipe around.