Black water tank advice


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I am just weeks away from moving into my Camper permanently and I was just wondering what solutions, home remedies, etc. some of you veterans have for black water tank maintenance, cleaning, odor prevention, etc. I have done quite a bit of on line research and printed out some bits of advice on cleaning, water softeners, and odor. I was hoping for some more advice from the tried and true. I have always believed that you can't have too much information. Thanks.

Any other advice you guys have about anything else camping would be greatly appreciated.



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What about toilet paper? I have heard several different theories. The latest was take a mason jar filled with water. Put in several sheets of the toilet paper you want to use. Shake for a few seconds. If the paper looks like it is breaking up, then it is alright to use for the black water tank and you "should" not have any clogs later.


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I don't care if I stock one-ply, two-ply, steel wool or kevlar - the way the Boss Lady uses toilet paper I still get, not clogs exactly, but false readings on the tank sensor. She never has clogged up the motorhome tank (yet). So every other trip or so I drag out the long hose and the whirly stick and rinse out the black tank really good. I figure that's just one of the "joys" of camping.:):)

C Nash

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The mason jar is a good way to see how quick the paper breaks down. Most cheap toilet paper will work. Generall it will be one ply so "be careful" LOL


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hello Jimmy, I have a back flush valve on mine, it is locater in the compartment where all the hook ups are at. I back flush it every-other -time I dump. Some time I am in a hurry to leave so I wait till I am at the next camp ground. then I flush it then empty it about 2-3 times. Then I hook up the water hose to the fresh water connection and power.