Black water tank


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Black water tank

For most of us, there just isn't any need for something like that. I have a flush system on my tanks to keep them clean, but the sewer hose works just fine for nearly everywhere we stop. I just don't need another gimick.

Good travelin !...................Kirk

Good travelin! ......Kirk
Black water tank

Shhhhh. Don't anybody tell Kirk about this. Here tho is a subject on which we agree. These sewer solution's apparently do work. I have never used one, don't own one and can't really see where I would have a need for one. Like Kirk, My tanks are equipped with a self flushing system that works great. Happy Motoring, Butch
Black water tank

I found a very interesting holding tank waste digester at called "Piranha". It works better than any other product that I have tried! Odors are gone!
Black water tank

Ya know, it was treeohtree that got me checking it out. I decided to buy one, and man I got to tell you, it works great. It really doesn't use a whole lot more water that I do to rinse out the tanks at home.

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Black water tank

I do not have a Sewer Solution, but have read that they do a good job. About the only negative thing I have read about is that they are quite slow and if you are dumping at a campground dump station, you could hold up the usual line of campers who are eager to dump and get on the road. Don't know if this is true from personal experience though.

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Black water tank

I tried one of the Sewer solutions, and it got me into big trouble. It started out ok, but then it clogged up with toilet paper. It wouldn't drain, and the tank valve couldn't be closed. No way to avoid taking off the unit and letting sh*t run onto the ground.
Fortunately my dad had a large bucket which contained the spill until
I could get the tank valve closed.

It does help cleaning, but there is a dedicated unit which does only that for 1/5 the cost of the Sewer Solution. It is possible that if
I used special RV toilet paper (the dealer who sold me the trailer said I didn't have to) this might not have happened, but this episode
has turned me off this product forever.