Boat&Trlr with 5th Whl??

This is my set-up:
96 GMC 2500 Ext.CabW/Long bed
1999 Terry 5th Whl 25 ft.
14 1/2' Aluminum boat with 8 H/P Evinrude (mounted)
Standard small boat trailer, 8" wheels, lights and ball connected.

Had to make my own cause coudn't find one. I drive Oregon to Arizona every year with it. Mileage is little better cause boat sits upright on trailer and splits wind ahead of RV.

No chance of me making another one. (I'm 75 and won't do much for anybody anymore) However if there is interest in this I think a local machine/fabricating shop might do it.

C Nash

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Boat&Trlr with 5th Whl??

Hi BirdBather, explain it a little better for this slow learner :) What are you wanting to know? Are you towing the Terry and boat trailer? Is the boat trailer ahead of the terry 5th wheel? Maybe my brain just aint working tonight.
Boat&Trlr with 5th Whl??

I can see my first message wasn't clear. The trailer, with the boat on it, is on top of the truck. The outboard mtr is mounted on the boat and clears the front of the 5th wheel by about 16". I can make a "U" turn with the truck wheels turned maximum without the 5th wheel hitting the corners of the boat. (5'wide boat)
A detachable winch in front at top pulls boat up detachable ramps and slanted storage compartments in the bed. A 5" wide aluminum channel runs the length of the truck from the back of the cab to above a front mounted trailer hitch. It is carried by and stabilized by that standard frame mounted hitch.
A "strong back arrangement" holds the back of the channel and is bolted to the truck frame through the bed.
The boat trailer is modified to provide a straight square center beam that will fit into the aluminum channel for the entire lenght of the trailer. The trailer wheels set on top of storage compartment mounted in front of bed with a 1" clearance from the cab. I carry oars fish gear, bycycle, jackets and whatever I can tie down in the bottom of the boat. Special strong clamps are used to hold the bolt to the trailer and a large bolt with pin clip holds trailer to strong back. The top of the boat is much lower that the highest part of the trailer. I've carried it over 5K miles at 65-70 MPH with no problems.
Any other questions??????

C Nash

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Boat&Trlr with 5th Whl??

Thanks BirdBather, that explains it for me and I think I may have meet your rig somewhere on the road. great way to carry it all :)