Boondocking at Walmart

I live very close to a Walmart and see people camping almost every day. I even see RVs parked there for a week or more at a time. Does anyone know specifically Walmart's policy on overnight camping? I know it probably depends on the individual Walmart. Has anyone had any bad experiences?

C Nash

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Boondocking at Walmart

Have used them just for late night parking with no problem. I do ask the manger if it's ok and try to pick up all trash if any around the camper. Never put out awnings and slides. Would not stay for over a night.
Boondocking at Walmart

I've read about this elsewhere.

A few Wal-Marts do not like it at all, but most are OK.

Common sense suggests C Nash is doing it right.
Boondocking at Walmart

I have just about quit using Wal-Mart for stop-overs because of the way I was treated at them..

The parking spaces were too narrow and I had to take up two spaces for the slide out and BBQ grill to set in..

and by the time I set out the potted plants in the sun and the lounge chairs around the fold up picnic table and beer cooler.. it was just too crowded..

and would you believe...??? there was no garbage cans or sewer dump !!
not even so much as a fire ring and wood pile..

I tell ya, Wal-Mart is going to the dogs..speaking of which, there were signs saying to pick up after my dog... just who do they think they are ??? Dogs have been crapping on this earth for thousands of years and nobody picked up after them ... why start now ?

I had to leave all my garbage in a paper bag in the parking lot when I left and I had to dump the black tank in the grass at the edge of the parking lot..

I really think Wal-Mart should be a little more considerate of us RVers... after all I did go inside during the day to cool off in their air conditioning and I did wander up and down the isles and let them know how I felt about the prices going up again this year..

Every year Wal-Mart opens a new store somewhere and I sure hope the new stores are better planned than the old ones ..

John :angry: :evil: :bleh: :laugh: :laugh:
Boondocking at Walmart

Nicely said, John! :laugh:

Wally World is what it is....a shopping center. If campers can't afford to stay at a campground maybe they shouldn't have a camper!

C Nash

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Boondocking at Walmart

Not that we can't afford it campertech but sometimes if you are just planning on a few hours sleep and then heading on wally world is pretty handy and open all night and we generally spend more there tan we would at a camp site :)
Boondocking at Walmart

Great John! Sure described the many slobs who abuse Wally's hospitality. They are meant as an emergency place to stop to grab a few winks and not as a campsite. :cool:


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Boondocking at Walmart

How would ya like someone pulling into your driveway and doing all that John stated? Good points, John. I agree with Gary, A FEW WINKS on the way, for safety sake, but I still ask the Store Manager if it is OK and I always try to purchase something, even if it is very small. I think they are a lot safer than a rest stop on the Interstates.
Hey John, have you ever seen a Wally World with a pool for RVers? :) :laugh: :cool: ;)
Boondocking at Walmart

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Boondocking at Walmart


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