Bounder draining batteries

Bounder Dave

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We have a 1994 Bounder and it has started draining all batteries. Took it to a dealers and after $500 they still did not figure out the problem. We can no longer even charge it or do a charge when it is electrically hooked up.
If anyone else has had this problem we would appreciate any advice.


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Re: Bounder draining batteries

Start with the 12v DC fuse panel. Monitor the draining current at the battery post negative and pull fuses until you find the one that causes a major change in the drain current. That will narrow your search.


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Re: Bounder draining batteries

To monitor current, you will need a current (Amp) meter inline with the battery. You can use either the positive post or the ground post; whichever is easier to hook up to.

There may be some things which are not fused, and there are often fuzes in more than one location. Another thing to try is to disconnect the batteries completely (remove either the positive or ground cable, and see if they 'self discharge' at a great rate, which would indicate a bad battery).