Bounder electrical problem

[Scott Krenzke] I&#039m having an electrical problem with my 1995 Bounder 32H. I plugged into external power, my home, and the power is not switching over to the external power source, it is still drawing from the batteries. Has anyone encountered this, and does anyone have any suggestions on what could be wrong? none of the breakers have been reset or popped and the fuses are all good. the cable is good so I&#039m stumped as to what would be causing it. Thanks, Scott.
Bounder electrical problem

[miket] I don&#039t understand the comment about switching to shore power. All shore power does is provide ac to the ac devices, and power the converter that will charge the batteries. All 12V devices are powered off the batteries, and the converter will supply up to it&#039s rated output to power them and charge the batteries.
If you have no ac, then maybe the genset & shore transfer relay is hung up. It should be a device made by Intellitec and located some place in the coach. Mine is under the dinette seat where the fuse and distribution panels are.
Good Luck ---
Bounder electrical problem

[Ron S] Sounds like its time for a new converter, I just had mine replaced for $134. Labor cost was half the bill. I was having the same problem. One of the ways I checked mine, was to start the generator to see if it switches, it worked with the generator and not shore power. I then had the converter checked. Good Luck!
Bounder electrical problem

[Scott Krenzke] Thanks I&#039ll give the generator a try and see if it switches over. We are taking one more trip after I use the MH for a hunting trip and then we are planning to winterize it. I&#039ll have the converter checked out when we take it in for winterizing and oil change. Thank you very much for the suggestions, I&#039ll let you know how it comes out. Scott.
Bounder electrical problem

[Gary MOtley] Not the converter. The shorepower to genset switchover is probably bad. I believe in that model it is behind the breakers and is generally no fun to get to. You always also have the chance of the wires being overloaded and being charred in such a manner they no longer carry current. they are generally burned away if this happens.