Bounder - to buy or not

[Phil] I have an opportunity to buy a 1996 Bounder 36S for $35,000. It was a repossession and has cosmetic problems such as dirty carpet (needs replacing) and needs throrough cleaning, etc. Otherwise, all systems check out and engine/transmission are ASSUMED good. The unit has 44K miles and is fully loaded and with a slide. I realize I may be taking a chance that the cosmetic problems reflect that the previous owner didn&#039t take care of the mechanicals either, but for the price, I am leaning towards buying it. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Thanks
Bounder - to buy or not

[Kirk] I would take it in to a trusted mechanic and also to an RV tech and have it checked over completely. I would suspect that repos have not generally been treated especially well. But be very careful!

Good travelin! ............Kirk
Bounder - to buy or not

[mark c] well you really didnt tell us enough to help you
size engine ect...
but i am not sure 35k is all that good of a deal for what you have told us
you can buy a brand new winnine brave 29 foot for 51k from stouts rv
and given it needs alot of work and who knows how it was taken care of why take the chance
Bounder - to buy or not

[Gary B] Hi Phil, as already posted CHECK IT OUT VERY CAREFULLY, in my opinion, it is too heavy a MH for a gas chassis, the nada values are about $35,500.00 to 43,000.00, this is not a good deal for a repo. Happy hunting GB
Bounder - to buy or not

[David] Just some info to help you judge your purchase. I bought a like new 1994 Pace Arrow 37J for $37,000. It had 42,000 miles on the Chevy 454 engine. The reason I bought this one instead of a new one I was shopping for is the difference in options. You get a $90,000 coach for a very deflated price, but it is a gamble no matter how well you check it out. IMO though I can now afford to take the $14,000 I saved off the price of a new Winnie and replace things that wear out. It does sound like, given the history of a repo and already obvious repalcement issues, the one you&#039re interested in may be a little high.