Bounder wont start

i bought a 1987 Bounder and seems to have sometimes trouble starting.
The brake light comes on and the key wont turn the engine over.
if you pump the brakes then eventually the light will go out and it will start.
It will always start but annoying problem, Anyone else had this problem?
RE: Bounder wont start

Hi Tammy,

Sounds like your chassis battery is discharged, low on water, or you need the battery checked.

Replace battery, if necessary and have the charging system checked at the same time.

Steve Bernard
2008 Bounder 35E
The General
RE: Bounder wont start

thanks for the info but batteries are all new and so is starter, weird thing is if you step on brake several times
it will then start.


RE: Bounder wont start

how do the brakes feel when driving the coach??? i was just wonder that maybe if the brakes are ok driving ,, then it would rule out a master cylinder ,, but u may have a swtich problem ,, since u said u pump the brakes and it starts ,, some of the beast have a nuetral ,, kinda safety switch on them ,, what i mean is that u have to have u'r foot on the brake to start it ,, i know it sounds strange ,, but u never know ,, i would ck u'r brakes lights and see if they work when u press the pedal ,, also (forgot this one) ,, how does u'r cruise control work ,, if ok ,, i think the brake light switch is ok ,, let us know back on what u find out ;) :approve: :)
RE: Bounder wont start

brought it to the garage and the main cable from the starter to the battery needed replaced,
you think the first garage would have saw that when they replaced the starter.
oh well at least it wasnt very expensive to get it fixed.


RE: Bounder wont start

did it get u'r prob fixed??? if so good for u ,, and bty look out for the repair shops ,, all out to make a buck and don't care about the customer ;) :approve:
Re: Bounder wont start

FYI-I had a 1995 Pace Arrow...spent 16 months in the shop for a 'brake' problem. After $1700....and the problem still not fixed: it turned out to be the BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH!! A $0.50 part!!!!