Brake Control


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I just purchase A 30ft TT. The dealer is going to install the electrica brake controll. I can upgrade but I don't know one controller from another. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Brake Control

Don't have a 'Brake Controller' as yet, but the referenced reviews are for the following, in no particular order:

1) Jordan
2) Prodigy
3) Pull-Rite
Brake Control

I dont have any knowledge one way or the other concerning the other brand controllers, however the prodigy I bought was the best money I've spent yet! Trying to be frugel I had the cheapest one they had on the counter (about 80 bucks), As we listened to the parts guy's spiel about the prodigy my wife walked back to the controllers got the prodigy, & said YOUR BYING THE GOOD ONE! Sometimes it pays to listen to her. Took me all of about 10 minutes to hook it up, and this thing is fantastic. It knows what I need in the way of break pressure before I do, & I pull a sets of doubles 500 miles a night for a living. It will even re-adjust itself to different ppls driving habits. instead of me trying to hold that trailer back from pushing the pick-up down a steep grade, the trailer is actually holding the truck back, I love this thing. I wouldn't even think of trying to pull a trailer without some type of brake controller!
Brake Control

JJ Yes, the prodigy is the ticket.I just installed one on 2004 gmc duramax.... towing a 5th wheel. Do your homework, shop for the best price on the internet (no tax)
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