Brake Diagram


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:question: Want to put brake clip on front disc pads that is missing. Have clip and new pads and the GMC P30 manual but it doesn't give a picture of where or how to install the clip. Any suggestions? Thanks for any input.

C Nash

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Re: Brake Diagram

Are you talking about the v clip that goes on the pad and in the calipar? Kind of hard to explain how it fit but, most any parts store or mechanic will probably be glad to show you where it goes. Take the pad and clip to the store you bought the pads from. If it's the one I am thinking of if you will look at the top of the pad you will see a slot (top of pad metal side)that the clip will fit and the two others will clip over the bottom and the vee will go into the calipar. There are several different type and this might not be yours.