Brake for a toad

Alright guys dang it now its my turn :laugh:

My 79 model 440 broke a crank on the way to Houston and now its in the hospital, probably gonna stick a ;ong block back in it, BUT THATS NOT WHERE I NEED HELLLLLLP.

Precious and I just bought a 2002 Saturn wagon and priced out a Roadmaster Falcon tow bar arrangement , installed is about $1,200
ugh :( which I guess is alright, though seems that if you RV peoplethink you have money to burn.

The question is, I have a 18,000 # motor home and a 2,700 pound toad. I have been towing a 940 Volvo with out a braking system and I was wondering if it was really necessary. :8ball:

Please give me as much of your experience that you have on this subject. :clown:

I was quoted a price in the realm of $900 to $1,200 for a braking system. :angry:

Like I said MY TURN :cool:
Brake for a toad

Under ideal conditions your motorhome brakes work well enough to get by. But in not so ideal conditions, such as snow or rain, or in emergency stop situations, that 2700 lbs. free-wheeling behind you can really screw up your day. As it is some states require towed vehicle braking systems, and the rest will soon follow, making brake
systems a requirement, rather than an option. One more thing to think about,If you do have some kind of accident at some time, a fast talking lawyer could use this against you in ways you could never imagine.
Any way you look at it, brakeing systems are a definite safety plus, if not yet required. Brake systems can be a little expensive, but how much did you spend on your coach and that new car.
Brake for a toad

Dose anyone know where I may obtain a good relativity in expensive braking system possibly a used on from and RV'er who has hung it up

Gary B

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Brake for a toad

Hi Poppa, if your an E-bayer there are always brake system on ther for sale, right now there is a used Brake Buddy item number 4527857874 with a day to go at $620.00 this includes BB a carring case, the alert system, the brake away switch and toad lights, not a bad price at the moment. Just go to e-bay motors and type in the item number in the search spot and it'll bring it up. I have used the Brake Buddy and really liked it, it is so simple to install and use and it worked as it was suppose to every time out. There are other good unit also but I would steer clear of the Blue OX Appollo they have had problems. If you haven't purchased a tow bar yet you will also find them on e-bay in the same section as brake systems, rv parts of all kinds etc. Good luck with the search, by the way I have bought a couple of used BB's on e-bay and got them for less then $500.00 and they worked graet. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:

C Nash

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Brake for a toad

Poppa, get a brake system wheather required by law or weight. I have the readybrake system and it saved the day on our trip back from Alaska. Coming through Calgary on bust interstate at 55 the toad came loose and the brake away system worked and kept it behind the MH :eek: . No damage other than a bent bottom on the mh ladder. Safety cables held but w/out the braking system it would have ramed the back of the mh. I purchased all the tow equipment from ebay and saved a lot of money. The braking system was purchased from readybrake and is a surge type system that has worked fine for our tracker. Installed it all myself. Good luck