Braker Controller ? 2

Steve H

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I just bought a new Duramax/Allison and the dealer will be swapping my hitch and brake controller out of my Dodge trade in.

I had a Voyager which seemed to work OK but also seemed a little cumbersome to adjust. The brakes on the trailer also seemed to go from weak to grabby with only a slight adjustment.

Would this be a good time to upgrade to the Prodigy? Don't want to buy another controller if it really isn't needed but I would be happy toif it worked a little smoother and easier than the Voyager.

FYI I did have recent brake work done to be sure everything was OK there!


RE: Braker Controller ? 2

I hope they adjusted the trailer brakes right,, some times if u get the T brakes to tight they will grab at the slightest notion ,, IMO i would take it back to the ones that did the brakes and have them look it over agian,, u might have a magnet hanging up on a high spot of the drum ,,, JMO though :)

Grandview Trailer Sa

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Re: Braker Controller ? 2

Your problem with your Voyager is probably what almost everyone does.

The wheel on the LEFT adjusts your pendulum. The notch in the wheel should be vertical, or at the top. NOWHERE ELSE. (If the mounting angle of the controller changes, then you put the notch back at the top.) If it is out of position, it will cause you to lock up brakes or not have any.

The wheel on the right adjusts the power to the trailer brakes. Clockwise gives more and visa-versa.

Take a look at these things and see if you are just out of adjustment. I tried the Prodigy, I took it out of my truck. Did not like it one bit. The Voyager will do the job if it is adjusted properly.