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I'm pulling a new to me Kountry Star fiver. My F350 has an existing older model Hensley brake control. The trailer brakes work fine when I move the slider but not when I apply the truck foot prake. The light comes on and I get static in the radio but little or no braking by the RV.

Can anyone advise whether its likely the controller or in the wiring somewhere. Should I go ahead and buy a new Prodegy? If so, is the existing wiring ok for it.


Bob A


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Re: brakes

If the brakes work fine with the manual slider, it would seem the wiring would be ok. So either whatever it is which senses the brake pedal, or the controller itself, likely has a problem. Noise in the radio is either from RF radiation, or noise introduced in the power line.

I'd say you would probably be happy with a Prodigy. The wiring harness should be fine for it, but the connections to the controller itself might be different. If the harness was built into the truck, you can probably get an adapter (from Prodigy) which connects the controller to the harness.