braking system for toad

Gary B

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braking system for toad

Hi Jerry, I don't think there is a best, just what a person likes and has a good experince with. I have a Brake Buddy and like it, very simple easy intallation, and the company is great, my second choice was the Vip Tow Brake, the SMI also looks good, I stayed away from systems that are compilcated and hard to install, mainly cause I do my own and have done that and don't want to work that hard anymore. I really belive in tow brakes and think they are worth every penny spent. Good luck in your search. :) :cool: :bleh:
braking system for toad

I have and installed it myself the Brake Master for air brakes. Liked the price and it came with everything including brake away and light for dash. Took about 5 hours to install it on the coach and toad. Works very well.