Brand New Nitrous questions

Hi everyone! We are new to the RV'ing life......took out our new Nitrous over the weekend and found that our onboard fueling station did not work, and the gas gage read empty even though we had just put 20 gallons of gas in. Anyone know what the cause of the problem could be?


C Nash

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Re: Brand New Nitrous questions

Sounds like a voltage supply problem. Is there a switch somewhere that you have to turn on?


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Re: Brand New Nitrous questions

Well, being new, it ought to have a manual (actually a stack of manuals).

Reading the one for the trailer itself, and any manuals for the fueling station, would be a wise move. One or both of these should tell you how to use the fueling station, and quite possibly give hints for trouble shooting any problems.

If you do what the manual says and it still does not work, call the dealer; it should be fixed under warranty.

I know that "real men don't read instructions" which is why you see so many of them stranded by the side of the road...
Re: Brand New Nitrous questions

We got a ton of manuals for all the components of the trailer, but not the actual trailer itself. We looked through the whole binder they gave us yesterday and there is nothing in there for the trailer. We will need to go back to the dealer and see what's up!!!!