Brave v. Sunrise ?? Side Aisle v. Center ??


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I rented a 2005 Coachman 31 foot and now realize that a tiny bathroom, like a public rest room stall is not a feature I want in my own motor home. Too confined and claustrophobic.

The 2002-2004 Winnebago Brave and the Itasca Sunrise both share the identical 36M floor plan, i.e. side aisle with a large shower, toilet and sink in one room. So what us the difference between the one with a Brave emblem and the one with a Sunrise emblem? I know Winnebago owns both, but is one considered low end and the other high end?

Also, what other makes and models have a side aisle – larger bathroom. Prefer around 30 foot, but the aforementioned models are 36 foot.

Thank you for your experiences.
Brave v. Sunrise ?? Side Aisle v. Center ??

Either way, stick with Winnebago. They make a quality product and they are great at backing their warranty, unlike many other mfgs out there. I have a Chieftain 35U with a center aisle which I like very much. When first shopping, we were inclined towards the side aisle however this unit came along and we really liked it. As you are probably finding out, there is no perfect RV. There is always some tradeoff you will make. Good luck. :cool: