broken down on the freeway


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Watch out for workhorse chassis quality. I had a waterpump pulley fall of at 1300 miles because the bolts werent all the way installed. i also had a rear end fail at 1800 miles due to faulty bearings and spider gears. the power steering pump is growling and the windshield wipers dont work....there are other problems. i had to fix the belt and rear end at my expense 1000 miles from home because workhorse couldnt find a tow company nor a dealer to repair the damage in time for me to even drive the vehicle home. i would have had to leave the vehicle for up to two weeks, fly home, and then fly back to get it. now they tell me it will take 6-8 weeks to evaluate my claim. i have the 200 lb rear end in my garage with the broken gears and they havent even asked to see it yet. I guess that is professional grade?!