broken sway bar bracket

I have a 2003 Fleetwood Flair 30h on a ford frame. The sway bar bracket that attaches to the axel over the large rubber bushing broke. Where could i get a new one?
The motorhome was doing allot of side to side swaying on our last trip to Texas. I asume the broken bracket was the cause? I was limited to 60-65mph and it (the swaying) would get worse and worse and i assumed because of all the ads that i needed an after market sway bar or shocks. Any info on the subject would be appreciated?
I have had campers and fith wheel and this is my first motorhome so i'm not sure of what to feel as far as driving comfort and what i should feel on the road. I live near Anahiem California thanks and a response to my email would bevery helpful.
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RE: broken sway bar bracket

was it the right side bushing bracket that broke???
If so i have delt with this many times in my shop,, we work on the cable companies boom trucks and have see this alot,,,
If it is the right side u can contact ford for the replacement piece ,, or u can do like we do just weld it back in place,,, either way it does the same ... but the welding thing saves $$$ even more if u have u'r own welder at home...
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Bty is the rubber part still there and in good condition????
Re: broken sway bar bracket

I found one at the Ford Dealership. It is the right side. The coach only has 15000 miles on it so the bushings are still like new. The dealer wanted to sell me a kit with new bushings and brackets. I would weld it but i would be afraid of another break. The kit is expensive but i will have an extra bracket especially if this is something that happens allot like 730 mentioned. They service manager said the bushings in the kit are better than the factory ones. Thanks for the responces.
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Re: broken sway bar bracket

Would the experienced RVers out there think this broken bracket would have caused the extreme amount of swaying i was getting especially on truck damaged highways? I would have to stomp the brakes to get it to stop. The sway bar is 1-1/2", Is there an opinion as to would the factory sway bar be better than the after market ones like Camping World sells.
I didn't see the broken bracket as it was broken behind the axel and was missing a bolt on the front end. In my searches for the swaying fix people said to get Blisten shocks and the Roadmaster Suspension Solutions Anti-Sway Bars?
RE: broken sway bar bracket

I found that the top welded nut was a odd ball thread put in at manufacture so the bolt never went all the way home allowing a gap of 1-1/2". I rethreaded the top nut to 7/16ths course and that was the fix on the new bracket. I think the nut they put in was a metric thread or something that i didn't have in my huge junk drawer. A good tap and die set can be had for very little at Harbor Frieght on line and is invaluable and i use it all the time. I would like to get 2 automotive type bolts and nuts though but i will check the installed ones regular.
For the other problem the Ford RV dealer had a new city water inlet that solved the problem of water coming out when the pump is on. I fixed the old one for an emergency situation but $15 is cheap for peace of mind and not loosing 75 gal. of filtered water.

If i can just get the 12 volt outlet in the bedroom fixed were good to go. Thanks to all for the info especially the advice on the water inlet having the check valve.

For an old sparky like me it would have been a snap to fix the outlet but i have a couple pounds of hardware in my back. I can't even change my oil without paying the penalty of pain.